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Welcome to The Mahira Shop!

Mahira Foundation has launched an exclusive online store, the first of its kind heritage store. We at Mahira Foundation are dedicated towards bringing the most exquisite pieces of art to your doorstep. The Mahira Shop is unique in its own way. It is the first heritage store of the country which is completely dedicated towards bringing both tangible and intangible heritage of the country alive. So, hop on to the roller coaster ride and come together in exploring the country’s heritage with us.

The Mahira Shop is dedicated towards giving a platform to those emerging artists of the country who are looking for an opportunity to sell/promote their art works and crafts so that their art is appreciated throughout the country. This initiative is exclusively for the emerging artists who are searching for an outlet to market their creation, abiding by the policies laid down by the government. Our initiative is in compliance with the Make in India campaign and seeks to uplift the local artisans.

The Mahira Shop comprises a wide variety of artefacts that are put together by keeping in mind the varying tastes of the art connoisseurs. The objects that one can find in the store have very high aesthetic value. The Mahira Store has a wide range of heritage objects ranging from souvenirs, home décor, gifts and greetings, handicrafts, models, figurines, jewellery, textiles, pottery, catalogues, art and crafts, household items, embroidery patterns and more. Join us into The Mahira Shop as we take you in the swirl ride across the intangible heritage of the country.

Happy Exploring!