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Highly recommend Historic Havelis with Mughlai Food with Yasir Anwar
It was a hot summer evening in Delhi. And just meeting the nattily turned out and unassuming Yasir Anwar, our guide for the next two or more hours, was enough to cool our spirits and get drawn into the precincts of Old Delhi's vision from 300 years ago. 
We were a small group of curious enthusiasts and Yasir, a resident of Chandni chowk and diligent researcher and archiver, had us enthralled as he discussed life in the streets and painted pictures of life in the years gone by, what people did...traders tawaifs rich nawabs and the food they ate.
From Chawri bazaar through a maze of bylanes across Ballimaran, skirting Nai sarak and ending up in front of Jama Masjid, we were loyal foot soldiers. And Yasir did a great job of keeping us distracted from the dust and dirt and noise on the streets and focused on the goodies we tasted along the way- bade miyan ki kheer a small hole in the wall shop with generous portions of kheer made with a family recipe from 1880 to Changezi chicken with crisp rotis; a special roohafza with watermelon chunks to keep the heat down; and ghee laden habshi halwa fed to poor tired labourers to keep them on the job...we gorged on it all at pitstops along this old world and kept fuelled to move on.
Passionate about preserving this culture and restoring where possible, Yasir had us purposefully train our eyes on sights like that beautiful original jaali work window or balcony, carved pillars, delineating mughal from British construction, arches, courtyards and beautiful architectural features amid mazes of wires and squatters and dilapidated ruins, with stories that would break your heart or make your day.
Highly recommend this walk through history and look forward to more such by Immersive experiences...what a great idea Sirjee!
Source: Tripadvisor


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