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Art & Culture

Mahira Foundation
Keep the past intact for better future

Mahira Foundation is a team of professionals with expertise in diverse fields related to art and culture.

We specialise in helping museums and cultural organizations understand their strengths, identify opportunities and work in new ways. Our services comprise Archiving, Collection Management, Research, Conservation, Exhibitions and Project Development. We assist museums and cultural organizations to increase the public benefit of their assets - their people, their collections, their buildings, their skills, their networks and their knowledge.

Mahira Foundation team members are not only experienced consultants but they have also served cultural organizations as curators, collection managers, conservators, designers, development officers and educators. 

The team has extensive knowledge of art and culture, and is committed to continuing professional development fueled by their full potential, capabilities and good work ethics. Mahira Foundation emerges as a platform and the one stop solution to all services in the field. This foundation aims to disseminate art to the people of all kinds and backgrounds. Thus, it will play a major role not only in enriching the project that has been taken by the team, but also in the overall enrichment of the arts in the wider spectrum.

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