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Our brand logo is inspired from the Warli art, one of India’s most renowned forms of ancient folk art. The Warli art has been described as the “art of nature, for nature”. The central theme of the warli art culture revolves around the symbiotic relationship that humans share with each other and mother nature. Unlike in other forms of visual art, the depictions in warli are inspired from the mundane world; everyday stories and experiences of real life. Each geometrical shape used in the construction of the visual narrative of the warli art holds a significant meaning. 


Our choice of a Warli art motif serves two purposes.

  1. To introduce our audience to one of the most precious forms of Indian art, i.e Warli.

  2. To present the spirit of our organisation in an aesthetically appealing visual form.



Circle - symbolic to the sun and the moon; also the cyclic nature of life.

Triangle - symbolic to humans figures, trees and mountains.


Our Interpretation

We believe that our logo enshrines the values that Mahira Foundation stands for. The circle in our logo is emblematic of the virtue of our shared knowledge and its dissemination. Like the rays of the sun that fill energy and light in all dark corners, we strive to achieve empowerment of individuals and communities through engagements with art, culture and education. We also acknowledge the role of our diverse stakeholders (cultural organisations, patrons, local communities) in every sphere of development. Therefore, we always dedicate our efforts to work hand-in-hand with each one of them, as the depiction of humans holding hands in the logo suggests.


Our logo is also a representation of the coming-together of like-minded and passionate art professionals who are devoted to plant seeds of an engaging culture and artistic dialogue that flourishes in India and abroad. At Mahira, we also ensure that our workforce consists of young and diverse talents from all walks of life. We provide them a platform to explore their creativity and prowess in the field of art and culture. 


Thus, we strongly believe/our motto is “Together we can” - with the community, for the community, by the community.

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