The logo of Mahira foundation is inspired by Warli painting.


The culture of the warli tribe is centered around the concept of mother nature and its elements. Two geometrical shapes can be observed here that of circle and triangle. The circle in the center is symbolic of the sun and the triangle represents human figures. The way sun rays emanate light in the sky, We, at Mahira foundation gives a ray of hope and inculcate the seeds if quality education in the mind of young children.


Not just education, ‘Mahira’ also excels at providing a platform for young art professionals to use their innovative ideas and help in broadening the field further. The triangular human figures are shown with holding hands which is indicative of celebration of togetherness and unity as the foundation comprises of members holding expertise from the different field related to art & culture and we believe that together, as a team, we can achieve anything.


Thus, our motto is “Together we can”.


Also, the reason we have chosen this motif particularly is that it not only shows the depiction of one of the most important forms of Indian art, i.e. Warli painting but it also helps in connecting people to art, culture, and education as a whole.

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