Archiving and Cataloguing
a) Document artefacts held by cultural institutions, museums and private collectors.
b) Collection assessment - audit
c) Physical verification - condition report
d) Research
e) Photo-documentation
f) Digitisation
g) Creation of databases
Museum Collection Management
a) Collection management policy
b) Records management
c) Collection management systems
d) Collections care
e) Display
f) Packing and storage
g) Integrated management
h) Legal considerations
Project Development
a) Curatorial services
b) Detailed project report
c) Proposals
d) Research
Exhibitions: Permanent & Temporary
a) Exhibition design
b) Selection
c) Layout
d) Designing
e) Research work
f) Mounting
g) Captions
h) Text panels and typography
i) Printing
j) Light designing
k) Installation and de-installation
Conservation and Restoration
a) Paper material
b) Metal objects
c) Wood objects
d) Stone objects
e) Textiles & costumes
a) Fieldwork and research
b) Archaeological surveys, evaluation and excavation
c) On-site documentation and digitization
d) Artefact analysis
Education and Outreach Programs
a) Art and craft workshop
b) Educational tours
Curatorial Tours
a) Heritage sites, museums, art galleries and exhibitions
b) Heritage walk
c) Food walks
d) Story telling sessions
Cultural Programmes
a) Festivals
b) Events
a) Catalogue
b) Brochure
c) Coffee table book
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