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Heritage Walks
Mahira Foundation
Architecture is history written in stone

Mahira Foundation, is a multi-faceted cultural organization trying to incorporate our tangible and intangible cultural heritage into people’s lives. We want to bring the history lessons to life and help people to develop a deeper understanding of the civilizations, traditions and cultural practices that have shaped society today. A variety of experiences can bring history alive for the participants. It can take one to the world which has been lost with the ravages of time.

Visits to sites where the things we learn about in history actually happened can serve as a catalyst for sparking learner’s imagination and showing them a world beyond the textbooks. A heritage walk to a historical site can put what one learned in classrooms into context, and many sites offer interactive, hands-on and immersive experiences specifically designed to meet the needs of different groups across the key stages. It can help one understand sites in a deeper architectural, religious and social context.

Every city has its own untold stories waiting to be explored before they vanished in time.

Mahira Foundation organizes heritage walks in different parts of India with experienced walk leaders with ample knowledge about the sites. Our experience in conducting heritage walks for almost five years has been further enriched by subject experts who are proficient walk leaders for a diverse set of people-from school children to older generations. Our interest in understanding cities has led us to explore them extensively, so much so that today we can guide people and enlighten them with our knowledge acquired through various sources including books, anecdotes heard from locals and personal experiences.

Heritage Walks - Delhi

Heritage Walks - Mumbai

Heritage Walks - Udaipur

Heritage Walks - Jodhpur