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Aims and Objectives
  1. Our aim is to set up a premier educational center committed to providing the best facilities in the field. We believe in setting a benchmark for overall development and quality education.

  2. To run educational institutions including research center, training institutes, and other professional institutes.

  3. To engage in any other activity in the field of education permitted by the organization under the laws of the Republic of India.

  4. To enhance and develop the field of education via outreach programs within the institution and through site visits of museums, monuments, art galleries etc.

  5. To publish books, periodicals, and research papers.

  6. To organize lectures, workshop, and seminars by subject experts to promote awareness and impart knowledge.

  7. To engage in livelihood projects and provide educational assistance to the poor.

  8. To grant scholarship and fellowship to deserving individuals who can help promote our vision.

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