A Walk to Remember: Qutb Complex

Meeting point

Ticket counter to the Qutb Complex


In this walk, we’re going to explore the Qutb Minar and the complex surrounding it that is collectively known as the Qutb Complex. We will learn about the untold stories associated with it that you will not find in your conventional history textbooks. Do you why is it called Qutb Minar? Or that it is surrounded by seven more historical monuments one of which is the oldest Islamic monument of Delhi? Come and explore the ancient stories with us and learn something new.


And let us not forget the intricate architectural designs that make Qutb Minar the wonder we see today, because it is architecture that makes a structure a true masterpiece. In this walk, we will encounter Pillar Remains of Jain Temple, Iron Pillar, Mihrab, Jama Masjid, Qutb Minar, Alai Darwaza, Tomb of Imam Zamin, Alai Madarsa, Tomb of Iltutmish, Alai Minar, Sun Dial and Cupola of Major Smith.



Abdullah Hashmi's Profile

Abdullah Hashmi is an engineer-cum-heritage lover; he grew up experiencing continuity and change in around the city. He is an art enthusiast who is primarily interested in culinary and culture. His culinary experience is built on passion and dedication to creating a memorable experience for each and every. Abdullah has hosted numerous food festivals and culinary tours and is well versed with the epicurean paradise of sorts which holds cuisines for just above every palate. He has also curated numerous education and outreach programs for children at various heritage sites around Delhi.



2 hours (distance to be covered: less than a kilometre)


English and Hindi


Contact Details

+91 8587049244


  1. Parking available at meeting point

  2. This is a ticketed monument; visitors are requested to bear the entry fees separately

  3. Avoid carrying large backpacks as these will need to be deposited in the cloak room

  4. Some parts of the monument allow access through wheelchairs

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