Walking Through the Ruined Past of Ferozshah Kotla

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Let’s imagine the fourteenth century with stories from the historical past of Kushak-e-Firoz!


Ferozabad was the fifth establishment among six others in Delhi. It was commissioned by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354. This ruined complex constructed on the banks of river Yamuna, also known as ‘Kushak-e-Feroz’ was the royal citadel within the city, housing many buildings like Jami masjid, an unique in its own- circular Baoli, pyramidal structure (Hawa mahal), royal palace and Ashokan Pillar.


However, one can only get a glimpse of once beautiful buildings, as the fort lies in total ruins.

It is said that Timur was so mesmerized by the Jami Masjid that he built the similar mosque in his home city Samarqand. Most of Ferozabad was damaged as subsequent rulers dismantled its buildings and reused the building materials and the rest was subsumed as New Delhi grew.


Today the fort is famous as the ‘House of Djinns’. It has become a common belief that djinns here fulfil the wishes. As a result, one can see the written letters attached to the walls of the fort. The site brings out the strange amalgamation of the ruined historical buildings and the recent evolution of the myth of djinns in its premises.


Shashank Gupta’s Profile

Shashank Gupta is based in Delhi as a Heritage walk leader, graduated in History from Jamia Millia Islamia and currently pursuing Master’s degree in Medieval History from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Shashank hails from Khurja in Uttar Pradesh, known for its rich clay craft culture. He is enthusiastic and always looking forward to unravel the mysteries of the past through heritage walks and research in the field of history.


With experience in conducting heritage walks from almost two years now aided with his graduation in History Major and ongoing post-graduation from the renowned National Museum Institute, he can say that he is proficient for working as a walk leader. He has had experiences for conducting heritage walks for diverse set of people, from schoolchildren to older generation.


His interest for understanding this city has led him to explore it enough that today he can guide people and satisfy them with his knowledge that he gained through various means including books, shared stories from locals and personal explorations.



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