The Work of Mahira Foundation

What we do!

1.     Archiving and Documentation

a)     To archive any historic object, close to or part of cultural importance held by Government and Private Collector

b)     Collection Management in analog and digital forms

2.     Museum & Art Galleries

a)     Collection Assessment - Audit

b)     Physical Verification - Condition Report

c)     Documentation and Research

d)     Museum Display

e)     Gallery Design

f)      Storage Planning

g)     Write-ups, Text & Graphic Panels, Captions, Signage

h)     Lectures, Talks, Workshop, Seminars, Symposium

i)       Guided Tours

3.     Exhibitions: Permanent & Temporary

a)     Selection

b)     Layout

c)     Designing

d)     Research Work

e)     Installation

f)      Text and Typography


4.     Publication

a)     Books and Booklets

b)     Catalogues

c)     Journals

d)     Brochure

e)     Articles

f)      Children’s Book

g)     Blogs

h)     Coffee Table Book

5.     Photography​

a)     Paintings

b)     Albums, Loose Photographs, Lithographs, Archival Material

c)     Coins/Numismatics

d)     Decorative Arts

e)     Textiles, Costumes, Headgears, Tents, Furnishing

f)      Jewellery Objects

g)     Arms, Armour, Fire Arms

h)     Sculpture, Pottery

i)       Any Other

6.     Archaeology

a)     Fieldwork and Research

b)     Archaeological Surveys, Evaluation and Excavation

c)     On-site Documentation and Digitization

d)     Photo Documentation

e)     Artefact Analysis

f)      Assessment Report Writing

7.     Conservation

a)     Structural Conservation

b)     Stone Conservation

c)     Paper Conservation

d)     Oil Painting Conservation

e)     Metal Conservation

f)      Textile Conservation

g)     Wooden Conservation


8.     Heritage Walks

a)     Tour to the Heritage Sites

b)     Visit to Museums

c)     Visit to Art Galleries

d)     Exhibition Spaces

e)     Food Walks

f)      Cultural Walks

g)     Story Telling Session

h)     Tour to Archaeological Sites


9.     Education and Outreach Programs

a)     Activity Booklets

b)     Treasure Hunt

c)     Quiz Competition

d)     Essay Writing Competition

e)     Art and Craft Workshop

f)      Pottery Making

g)     Mould Making

h)     Educational Tours

10.     Awareness and Cultural Programmes

a)     Sufi Night

b)     Mehfils

c)     Festivals

d)     Theatrical Performances

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